Monday, October 25, 2010

The Lady That I've Always Rely On

Yes, a lady. Beautiful, not so tall, wonderful, super mom, a Farmville fan and always a great cook. My mother is everything to me that she owned half of my life. She baked a great chocolate cake, cook a wonderful sambal tumis and provide uncompareable hospitality. Afterall, that is what all the moms should do. It is great though to have someone like her around. And who is that 'someone like her'. It will be her sisters. My aunts, that always take care about me. You know, asking question like, are you ok? How is your studies? About this and that. Yes, my lovely aunts: Wangah, Alang, Acik, Atih. They never say bad things behind my back. They don't stab, kick and slap me. They don't gossip about me. What they do know is, he is my nephew and I should protect him. Back to my mother, she taught me how to stir a cake mixture once, and now, thank God that I know how to bake a cake. Lastly, I would like to appreciate your love mom. Thank you Mak.

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